Tuesday, January 30, 2007

another list or, "the Evening Redness in the West"

over a month has passed; here's another list of 13 albums I've listened to a lot recently:

1. I.d. - 'Company' [half Inga Rumpf (hippie shit), half Dagmar Krause (creepy freak-out)]
2. The Free Design - 'Kites Are Fun' I'm not going to lie, this album is like, changing my life. I'm not ashamed.
3. Osmonds - 'The Proud One' ok, I am a little ashamed of this one. at least I'm being honest.
4. Cos - 'Babel'
5. Chrysalis - 'Definition' what the fuck is going on with this band
6. Autosalvage - s/t
7. Gandalf - s/t
8. Pharoah Sanders - 'Karma'
9. Matching Mole - 'Smoke Signals' I've been revisiting this one after a few years. ain't nothin' out there like "Instant Pussy." my favorite snippet of vocal improv.
10. The Everly Brothers - just about all of their stuff. I'll do my cryin' in the rain, thank you very much.
11. 'MOOG: The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman' this guy also happens to be an excellent OBGYN... did I really have to make that joke?
12. Bo Hansson - 'Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings' I've never felt so nerdy as I did one second ago as I typed that out. It's nowhere near as bad as the title implies. again, I'm being honest.
13. a certain italian prog album that I'll hopefully write more about later...

not a particularly interesting or proggy list, and a little light on testosterone-fueled riffs (at least in comparison with last month)- but hey, let's not forget that I am, first and foremost, a member of the fairer sex. plus I've been busy doing other things, like cooking, hanging out with friends, trashpicking (and purchasing) junk, and putting together puzzles. and reading lots of Cormac McCarthy and Antonin Artaud:
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uber-violent westerns and writings about madness and opium. maybe that's why at the end of the day, all I want to do is chill out to that "feelin' groovy" song---actually no, it's not really all that deep.Add Image

Saturday, January 13, 2007

public service announcement

If you live in New York, or near New York, go see this movie at the Film Forum. It's incredible, and unavailable (although I've seen an "unofficial" copy on the shelf at Kim's). I'm going to try to go today!

New 35mm restoration!

whoa whoa whoa wait a minute- what the fuck is this?????????? How did that just pop up on the website? There is no way I'm not seeing that, immediately. Later guys, I'm going to Film Forum now...