Tuesday, April 3, 2007

the future of the past

the music on this one matches the cover. i don't even think a description's necessary.

so what have i been up to? well, a few months ago I finally figured out "music on the computer" and "downloading." Long story short, I had Mike Parker give me a tutorial on gigabytes and now my iTunes is using up about 45 of them. I bought an ipod off of ebay to catch up. Evidently it used to belong to someone named "Yulia" who lives in California, and judging from her musical tastes, I'm guessing she's a college girl with an indie bent, perhaps even a music student. she might be into physical therapy.

pretty soon after going digital I started to cool it a little with the guitar grooves and started getting into some of the more artificial stuff. like keyboards. and krautrock. i felt a little sickened just now writing that, like I turned my back on my baby or something, but don't worry-- I know it's only a passing phase. and i'm still wasting money on records. It's just that I love good sounds, or at least what I consider to be good sounds. I love when guitars talk to me, when atypical instruments produce neat tones, and when r & b guys sing through vocoders. That was the first thing that really drew me to Enoch Lite-- those kooky, crazy, vintage futurist sounds accompanying the most banal melodies. Anyway, I started my journey where I left off in my last blog, with some of the more experimental moog-ers like Morton Subotnick, Dick Hyman, and Donald Erb, piquing my interest in early electronic music- which encouraged me to take a tangential trip into modern classical--I did that over spring break (woo-hoo) and came out with more than a few major gems, so in the interest of space I'll just drop one for now: MESSIAEN.

what else? well, Belgain prog has taught me to open up a little more to female rock vocalists. some of it still makes me feel a little weird and embarrassed, though. Like Mad Curry. It took me a while to get beyond the diva-ness of Mad Curry lady's voice, and her awkward speech impediment [am I the only one hearing this, by the way?] before realizing that they actually rule.

I'm really surprised that three people have actually bugged me about slacking off on the blog- thanks dudes, I appreciate the interest. check back within a few days, because I'm thinking about trying to make a few of the links "special," although I'm not sure yet. I'm kind of busy right now counting down the days until Spider Man 3 comes out. [2009 edit: Spider Man 3 was lame. couldn't live up to Spider Man 2. I'm not even a fan of comic books, super heroes, or whatever--but I have to admit that Spider Man 2 was excellent.]