Monday, April 28, 2008


Hello. Just letting you know that no pussyfooting is now on the air, on east village radio. Check me out! I've also got a myspace and all that jazz.

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hugh_manatee said...

hey Margaret!
i d/l'ed 4 of your podcasts, but now i can't find the link to see if there are any more.
help, please.
i don't check your blog regularly, so if you could send an email to:

ps - some prog you might like...
capability brown - voice (especially the side two suite 'consequences' - no relation to the godley&creme project)
stackridge - especially the song 'purple spaceships over yatton'
be-bop-deluxe - the song 'reap the harvest of the stars'
england - the song 'midnite madness'
gryphon - red queen to gryphon three
grobschnitt - (not "gobshit" - solar music live
...lots of great italian bands...
alusa fallax
campo di marte
locanda della fate
quella vecchia locanda
picchio dal pozzo
raccomondata ricevuta ritourno, i'm leaving out a lot that i wanted to mention to you, but i'm trying to do too many things at once right now, so i'll have to come back and add more later...
oh yeah, just thought of a coupla scandinavian bands,one old and one new...
kultivator (old)
panzerpappa (new)