Sunday, July 12, 2009


"He's got a girl, I've got a cat" (The Long Goodbye)

As most of you probably know already, I made a mix recently of easy pop tunes, too light for my radio show (although I still slip them in just about every week.) A handful of people have (surprisingly) asked me for a track listing, so I figured I'll post it on here, along with a special link for those interested. Turns out I wrote about my love of light tunes two and a half years ago, on this very blog. I even titled the entry "smooth sailing," before I even heard of this "yacht rock" craze. How about that? I wouldn't characterize this mix as yacht-rock, though. It's easy pop.

Beware: this can be classified as easy listening. But don't let that deter you from trying it out!
track listing:
1. Daryl Hall & John Oates "When The Morning Comes" (Abandoned Luncheonette)
2. Keith Cross & Peter Ross "Can You Believe It" (Bored Civilians)
3. Shaun Harris "I'll Cry Out" (s/t)
4. The Smoke [US] "Odyssey" (s/t)
5.Terry Jacks "It's Been There from the Start" (Seasons in the Sun)
6. Kayak "I Want You to Be Mine" (Starlight Dancer)
7. 10cc "Wall Street Shuffle" (Sheet Music)
8. Steely Dan "Charlie Freak" (Pretzel Logic)
9. Dennis Wilson "Lady" (Bamboo)
10. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band "She May Call You Up Tonight" (Volume One)
11. Gilbert O'Sullivan "Alone Again (Naturally)" (Himself)
12. Bobby Weinstein & Jon Stroll "The Cat Was a Junkie" (Cook Me Up Your Taste)
13. Shuggie Otis "Strawberry Letter 23" (Freedom Flight)
14. John Ylvisaker "Who Cares for the City" (Cool Livin')
15. Shaun Harris "Color of Your Eyes" (s/t)
16. Daryl Hall & John Oates "I'm Just A Kid (Don't Make Me Feel Like A Man)" (Abandoned Luncheonette)
17. Four Seasons "Goodbye Girl" (Off Seasons: Critically Ignored B-Sides of the Four Seasons)
18. Fleetwood Mac "The Ledge" (Tusk)
19. Larry Carlton "I Cry Mercy" (Singing/Playing)

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the prog lady said...

Tracks 12 and 14 are from albums I found on the Mystery Poster

Bryan said...

Dude, you're back?! Where you at? You & Jessse EVER gonna visit me?!@#