Saturday, December 23, 2006

me again

apparently I haven't been uploading photos correctly. or it's just the website acting funny. maybe someone can help me? i'm internet-impaired.

My friend Toby called me last night and told me about this book. whoa. which reminded me that I need to spread the word about this radio show. It's seriously the best, and worth staying up from 2 to 5am to listen to! although I guess you could "stream" it as well...



Carrie said...

I saw the physics lady on Charlie Rose. She parried the creepy non-questions by my ex-crush really well and seemed super smart. She'd probably be very fun at parties.

the prog lady said...

wow, an ex-crush on Charlie Rose? that's some heavy shit. I can hang with that- but I wouldn't want to include him in our fantasy library-- we've already got Joseph Cotten fulfilling the southern gentleman quotient. oh yeah.

I'm still working on the fantasy library. I'm not letting it die. I may have to actually compose a list, making it official-like.