Wednesday, December 27, 2006

this is for Carrie

I've highlighted my favorite parts.

Exhibit A: "You Comb Her Hair" by George Jones, a.k.a "the Canadian Hank Williams":
I know that you wonder who I dream about
And if I met someone who thrills me so
Well, I've finally met a girl who turns me inside out
I'll tell you about her for you ought to know.

You comb her hair every mornin'
And make sure she's dressed just right
You comb her hair every mornin'
And put her to bed everynight.

Exhibit B: "See the Way She's Mine" by The Boys Next Door, a.k.a.
"the Beach Boys of the Midwest":

See the way she wears her hair
She knows I like it that way
And the clothes you see her wear
I picked them out one day
When I'm down I know she'll cure me
Little things to reassure me

Everyday she holds me tighter
See the way she's mine
Try to make each day seem brighter
See the way she's mine

Little things she says to me
To let me know she's mine
And the things she does to me
Make me feel so fine
No matter who's around she'll kiss me
If I turn around she'll miss me...

you see what I'm saying? so creepy. so good.


Carrie said...

oh you!

Comb my hair!
Pick out my clothes!
Strangle me! Just a little!

Carrie said...

Also, don't forget Prince. If he was your girlfriend: a selection...

If I was your girlfriend
Would u let me dress u
I mean, help u pick out your clothes
Before we go out
Not that youre helpless
But sometimes, sometimes
Those are the things that bein in loves about
If I was your one and only friend
Would u run 2 me if somebody hurt u
Even if that somebody was me?
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be

If I was your girlfriend
If I was your girlfriend

Would u let me wash your hair
Could I make u breakfast sometime
Or then, could we just hang out, I mean
Could we go 2 a movie and cry together
Cuz 2 me baby that would be so fine

the prog lady said...


you know I wrote out those Boys Next Door lyrics almost completely from memory. that's probably not something I should brag about...

and now I'm re-hooked on George Jones!

"one drink. just one more. and then anotherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

mark said...

The Boys Next Door? Wasn't that Nick Cave's first band? And if so.... That would make them them Buzzcocks of