Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Funk Show

The playlist for tonight's show is mostly funk. Lately I've been playing a lot of long songs during the first half hour of the show--a decision that I've come to regret, considering that the new streaming setup prohibits listeners from being able to skip through shows. So if you've listened to my show recently, and found yourself stuck in an interminably long song, I'm sorry. Hopefully this week's No Pussyfooting will pick up the pace! Let me know what you think; feel free to email me with requests, questions, comments, complaints at or leave a comment here.


Yacub said...

Why is No Pussyfooting listed under "Folk/Country" in the genre section of the EVR website? Also I'm glad they changed the description of the show. It was something along the lines of "More Brian Eno, less ELP". Whoever wrote that obviously had an agenda. Nothing wrong with Eno but when you're doing a prog show, it helps to not be ashamed of prog!

the prog lady said...

I know, I changed that description myself! It was snobby, and bad. I'm not too happy about being under the "Folk/Country" genre either--I like country and all, but I've never played it on my show! hmmph. Thanks for the comment, Yacub-Jesse.